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2Guys1Gamepad is a podcast hosted by Rahgel & Sig. They discuss all sorts of items within multiple industries like gaming, streaming, movies, comics, wrestling, tv and much more along with personal stories from their own lives too. Each episode they are simply having fun, enjoying themselves and attempting to share their passions and stories with others at the same time.

 The podcast is uncensored, unfiltered and unedited, so anything goes and can happen! You can expect virtually anything to be discuss with the exception of two main topics that won't be discussed at all, religion and politics; these two subjects tend to be very divisive and causes problems. Jokes will be aplenty, but all jokes are just that, jokes, and are not intended to be serious at all as this is how the hosts truly interact in their personal lives too.

When you get done listening or watching an episode make sure you like it and leave a comment, if possible whether positive or negative, as this helps the podcast grow and doesn't cost a cent at all. Most of all though, it's greatly appreciated beyond anything!

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We're excited to have you here with us today.  Here you will be able to do several different things like, find out more about both the hosts (Rahgel & Sig), topics covered on/off the podcast episodes and contact us directly where you can then suggest topics, being on the show or doing collaborations between your brand/company and 2Guys1Gamepad.

Below you can find both the audio edition and video edition of the podcast, along with our social media links specific to the podcast brand itself.