About Rahgel


     Here's a little bit about myself, Rahgel. I'm a United States Army Veteran, I've deployed to the Middle East a couple times during my service. I'm currently a Twitch Streamer, though I do not have a set schedule that I stream over on Twitch right now but when I do stream, I typically can be found streaming Call of Duty Warzone.

     I'm a father of 3 children & a husband to a wonderful wife. I've been playing video games since the 90's and played & owned several different consoles throughout the years. Currently, I play mostly on my PS5 with Warzone. I really enjoy the horror movie genre; I can always be seen with my Pennywise Funko Pop on my streams & during the podcasts.

About Sig


     Here's a bit about myself. I'm a US Air Force Veteran, husband & father of two great kids. That's really just the very basic however I operate & run a small graphic design and video production studio called "Designs by Sig" that focuses primarily on production for streamers & content creators. 

     Speaking of which, I'm a streamer and content creator over on YouTube where I primarily play a slew of different video games ranging from major AAA games like Fortnite, Apex Legends & Destiny 2 to minor/indie games like Escape Room Academy, Eden Retreat, Phasmophobia & many more. 

     Outside of the gaming world, I enjoy coming up with weird & funky recipes to cook/grill and creating custom computer builds that stand out in any room with their custom paint jobs. While not doing virtually any of that I (like most others) enjoy just watching some movies or tv shows and reading comic books or Mangas, mostly Marvel & Dragon Ball. When it comes to types of movies & tv series, I really don't have a favorite style but will constantly rewatch old series like House, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang, Dragon Ball series and more; otherwise, I stay up to date on most cooking shows, WWE/AEW, Ghost Adventures, Forged in Fire and few others.

     Well, that still really just scratches the surface, but you can always find out so much more by listening into the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!


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